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20 June 2006 @ 06:47 pm
Welcome to the 24 Ficathon!

Here's the deal: I have a list of 66 characters from the T.V. show 24. Each character corresponds to a number. Anyone interested needs to post a comment with either 2 or 4 numbers 1-66. I will tell you in a screened comment which characters they represent, and you're left to write a fic about them. I say 2 or 4 because you're welcome to do more than one, but no more than two at a time. If you apply for four characters at once you can feel free to choose which pairings you want out of the four.

The fic can be as long as you want it, whether it be a drabble or full lengthed, multi chaptered deal. All ratings and genres are allowed, but no crossovers. Other characters may appear but the fic must center around whichever two characters you wind up with.

This challenge will last until all of the numbers are taken, at which point I'll scramble the list and start it again. While there's no deadline for selecting numbers, after being notified of your characters, it would be best if you can have your fic, or the first chapter of your fic, up within two weeks. If a month passes and there's no post I'll notify you, and if I don't hear back from you after a week I'll put the characters back up for grabs. If there's a reason you won't be able to post it for a specific time period, email me or post a comment and I'll work with you.

When you do post it, make sure to include the following information:


All entries must be behind an LJ cut. In the subject, post the characters and numbers you were given (e.g. 'Ryan Chappelle:23, Adam Kauffman:54).

I understand that there will be some pairings that are hard to deal with. If you can't come up with anything at all, email me or post a comment. I'll either offer suggestions or allow you to pick two more characters, and give your original two back, or if you prefer, pick one character and keep one. However, I'm only going to do this if there is truly no comparison whatsoever that you can make, and I can't come up with any suggestions. If you just don't like the characters that you have, sorry. The point of this challenge is to inspire you to be creative.

Please note that your story does NOT have to be romantic. For example, say I pick numbers 23 and 54, which hypothetically turn out to be Ryan Chappelle and Adam Kauffman. (They're not). If you want, go for a slash relationship, but it can just be a friendship or even a fic with Adam ranting about Chappelle. As long as it centers around them, then you're fine.

That being said, I hope you enjoy! Have fun :)

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